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Physical Freedom 93/365 - 20220406

A long, but very successful and enjoyable day of coaching at the Army Weightlifting Championships effectively means two things; today was both a rest day, and a day of poor food - albeit by prior design, not through being caught out. Having been on the go since very early, and only having returned home just before 11pm, this will be very brief!


At 5:30am I had 4 rashers of bacon, and 6 eggs (although 4 were very small, so this is more like 4 medium eggs) which I scrambled.

At 2pm I had a packed lunch which was provided for me. This consisted of a tuna baguette, a bag of pop chips, a flapjack, a yoghurt, and a creme egg (I know, I found this bizarre too!).

At 8pm I had a large burger, sweet potato fries and coleslaw.

Today was a chance to do something I love, with people I enjoy spending time with. Training, and eating for health and longevity will return tomorrow!


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