Physical Freedom 86/365 - 20220330

Today was tough, but good. I didn't want to work out. In order to stop myself from making excuses, and backing out, I employed exactly the same tactics I advise clients to practise; I didn't look ahead at the workout, so I couldn't make excuses as to why it didn't fit my programme, or some other nonsense, I booked on so I couldn't back out, and I put it in my schedule for the day as an immovable commitment, even though I had a lot of jobs to do. I did the 5:30pm class at CrossFit Napalm, because waiting for 6:30 gave me more chance to back out.

12 Min AMRAP You Go, I Go:

8 Calorie Echo Bike

6 Double Dumbbell Devil's Press 2x15kg

6 Double Dumbbell Lunges 2x15kg

My partner and I got 12 rounds (6 each) + a few calories of his 7th round.

4 Minute Rest