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Physical Freedom 52/365 - 20220224

One of the key principles of working towards physical freedom is doing what you can with what you have. This doesn't just mean equipment, but time and ability too! Today I felt pretty beaten up! I lifted big and pushed myself in a workout that wasn't in my wheelhouse yesterday, and today I had a lot of physical labour to do. That said, I felt the need to do something. I had a 15-minute gap, unexpectedly, at around 5:30pm, so I used ten minutes to train!

10 Rounds Not For Time:

5 Strict Pull-Ups

5 Strict Ring Dips

Wear 20lb weight vest


Important update for Mountain Murph - Today we picked our charity partner Ur Back Up CIC who aim to connect veterans with suitable charities in their time of need, and aim to provide this as a free service! See the linked Instagram page at the bottom to find out more!


Yes, it was that simple. I didn't warm-up (there is a lot of nuance to whether or not I needed to, I don't believe I did) I didn't cool down (see previous parenthesis) and I didn't time myself. I threw my faithful weight vest on - see my link below to snag your own - and just started moving. It felt okay. Not as good as it once would have, but already better than my last couple of pull-up sessions. I'll continue to target progress here over the next few months. I opted for dips as opposed to a form of push-up as there would be less interference with the high volume of handstand push-ups I did last night.


Click the image to view and buy, use code TH5 to save!


A decent food day again. Not quite spot on, due to a late-night errand, but tight nonetheless. Breakfast at 7:45am kicked the day off which was bacon, 5 scrambled eggs and some blueberries.

At 1pm I had pork mince topped with cheese followed by an apple and a banana.

At 8pm I had 3 tubes of dried fruit and nut and some cheese and salami for a snack.

At 9:15pm I had 2 large pork shoulder steaks topped with cheddar followed by grapes, yoghurt and honey.


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