Physical Freedom 31/365 - 20220203

Today was a simple day for both training, and food. Although I've been all over the place work-wise, I've had enough time to fit things in when they suited, which is always a great advantage. Although I'm still very much cruising through this week to find my mojo again post-competition, today was more like moving with purpose.


I first ate at 2:15pm. It was a simple 4-egg omelette with strips of steak, onion and mushroom. I topped it with cheese. This evening, just after 7pm, I had mince, onion and mushroom, in tinned tomatoes, again topped with cheese. I followed this with grapes, berries and yoghurt. This is much more how I'd eat if I was on my game. Maybe this is the start of that happening again? I'll certainly work on that being the case.

Training was at 3pm today. It was a little too close to food, but still okay.


2.4km at 70-80% - I used this to build pace gradually to a 5-10 mile pace, and to get the dog to do as he was told!