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Physical Freedom 31/365 - 20220203

Today was a simple day for both training, and food. Although I've been all over the place work-wise, I've had enough time to fit things in when they suited, which is always a great advantage. Although I'm still very much cruising through this week to find my mojo again post-competition, today was more like moving with purpose.


I first ate at 2:15pm. It was a simple 4-egg omelette with strips of steak, onion and mushroom. I topped it with cheese. This evening, just after 7pm, I had mince, onion and mushroom, in tinned tomatoes, again topped with cheese. I followed this with grapes, berries and yoghurt. This is much more how I'd eat if I was on my game. Maybe this is the start of that happening again? I'll certainly work on that being the case.

Training was at 3pm today. It was a little too close to food, but still okay.


2.4km at 70-80% - I used this to build pace gradually to a 5-10 mile pace, and to get the dog to do as he was told!

2x600m at 90+% Rest 1 Min between each.

600m at 60-70% back home

Such a simple session on paper, but by playing with pacing and cadence, and by focusing on breathing patterns, both during working intervals and rest, it felt productive, challenging and purposeful. I really honed in on moving towards that 180spm mark today, as I know I get a little heavy-footed at times.

I'm thinking about moving a barbell with intent tomorrow. As it stands, I need to sweat, and may not have time for both, but we shall see. Either way, this weekend should be fun too, as I'll be forced to train outside with minimal kit, and improvise!

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