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Physical Freedom 26/365 - 20220128

Following on from the tooth saga, today it needed to come out! This is certainly not ideal 2 days before competing, but the pain was unbearable, and there was no other course of action realistically open to me. In short, that means today's training diary and food diary both look like those of a layabout rather than someone who prides himself on both. Nevertheless, I'll lay it out as it is, and also highlight what I wanted to do.

I didn't train, I was going to perform light conditioning work with a focus on speed. That would have involved some power cleans and jump work, with a steady row to flush the legs through afterwards. This wasn't to be. Other than a little bit of demonstrating on classes, shown below in the Instagram embed, and a 40-minute walk with the dog, I rested. As I said, not ideal, but to train today would have been foolish, and likely limited my performance come Sunday. It may still be a challenge to lift, but only time will tell.


Having not eaten before having my tooth out, and barely slept 30 minutes all night, I was struggling to drive home with a new, rather large hole in my mouth, and the side of my head feeling like it was three times its actual size. I needed something easy to chew, and that would give me a kick. I got a pack of granola slices from Tesco, which did exactly what they were supposed to, with minimal discomfort. I also had a chocolate bar just to be sure.

This evening, around 8pm, I had a jacket sweet potato with lamb mince and cheese on top, with a few mushrooms and garlic. I'll be slightly nervous to weigh myself tomorrow and find out if I need to add a sauna to my schedule before Sunday!

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