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Physical Freedom 24/365 - 20220126

Straight forward today, just weightlifting. I wanted some confidence in the clean & jerk 4 days out from competing, so I hit the complex programmed for the class at the gym today. I wanted to hit my planned opener for this weekend - which I did, and almost hit my planned second weight too!

1 Clean + 1 Hang Clean + 1 Jerk

100, 110, 120kg, 125 failed jerk. Watch the video, it was pretty close!

Barbell Good Morning

50 Reps at 20kg

Purely as a blood flushing finisher, this is a great way to get volume in and reduce soreness if done light and right!

Equipment Used

I used my Elieko IWF approved bar, and my Bulldog Gear IWF approved competition plates and fractionals.


Another strong day for food. Conscious that I have to make weight in the afternoon on Sunday, I'm eating even more conservatively than normal. Today lunch was at 3pm, and dinner at 9pm.

Lunch was mince with onions flavoured with chilli and garlic in tomatoes, with a little cheese on top. Dinner was rump steak, sauteed potatoes, cherry tomatoes and a 3 egg omelette with a little whole milk. I had berries, grapes and natural yoghurt straight after.


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