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Physical Freedom 110/365 - 20220423

I'm writing this very early today, so a couple of bits might change later on, however it will be as accurate as I can make it. I hit two further CrossFit Games Age Group Quarterfinals today at around 11am and 12pm.

10 Minute AMRAP:

1 Rope Climb 15'

2 Shuttle Runs 25'*

2 Rope Climbs

4 Shuttle Runs

3 Rope Climbs

6 Shuttle Runs


*Shuttle: 1 rep is out and back

I got 2 out of the 6 climbs done. Honestly I'm a little disappointed with this. The rope threw me. It had a couple of big knots right at the bottom which made it swing unpredictably when trying to wrap my feet. No excuses, I should have practised on it, or adapted better, but I did neither, so my score was nothing other than an accurate reflection of my fitness for this workout. I feel I had the potential to get deep into the 7 climbs with better preparation and planning though.

For Total Weight: "CrossFit Total"

1 Rep Back Squat

1 Rep Strict Press

1 Rep Deadlift

I managed 165kg (363lb), 76kg (167lb) and 202.5kg (446lb) for a total of 443.5kg (976lb).

This was a mixed bag. There was 170kg in the tank, or more, on the squat today. I took 160 first with ease. But with only 3 attempts, I bottled my next attempt at 165kg, so had to take it again on my 3rd. This was purely a confidence issue. On the press I opened with 65kg, then 70kg. These both felt so light, so I went for 76kg to break a 9 year old personal record. I got it, with maybe even a little more in the tank. This was very unexpected. Although I have pulled 215kg for a conventional deadlift, this was 7 years ago. I have pulled 200+ on around 5 occasions since then, and not for over 2 years. I just wanted 200kg today. I hit 195 on my first attempt, then just about got 202.5kg on my second. I attempted 206kg, but my head wasn't in it by this point. I was more than happy to have cleared the 200 mark without snapping my spine. Back to sumo deadlift for the foreseeable future!


Since getting home, I've started getting sets of pull-ups in again. Although this isn't an affiliated link, it is the one I have.


So far, so good! I started at 9am with 3 bacon rashers, 3 fried eggs and a handful of berries.

At 1pm I had a pack of meatballs and a small snack pack of cheese.

At 3:30pm I had 2 salmon fillets and some halloumi.

At around 8pm I plan on having steak or mince with either eggs or cheese, and i'll follow this with berries, banana, yoghurt and honey.

There's one more day, and only one more workout to go for the quarterfinals, then we're right back to it. I'm looking to focus on resilience, top end strength, and Mountain Murph-specific endurance in that order. The prospect of getting fitter still is really starting to excite me again!


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