The 10 Movements for Physical Freedom

Writing a daily account of my training and food is hopefully valuable, but there are likely many people who don't have the equipment, space, time or maybe ability to train identically; and truth be told the vast majority of people would not be training optimally were they to follow this plan. Below, I have pulled out ten movement patterns I believe are fundamental, and constitute an entire training plan on their own, providing load, frequency, intensity, duration and other variables, including the combination of movements, are suitably modulated.


Drag, pull and push a sled. I often get told these are prohibitively expensive or space consuming, so I have a couple of alternatives; fill a sack with weight and drag it by a rope over grass. Use a carpet tile to put weight plates on, and drag them. Drag or push your car on level ground. These are just a few thoughts. I've put a link below to a reasonably priced entry sled, and remember by clicking the images in this article, and entering TH5 at checkout, you save money!