Physical Freedom 98/365 - 20220411

Today was pretty run-of-the-mill. I trained, I ate, I worked, all to a somewhat standard formula. I'll still run through the details, but I mention it here because it occurred to me today whilst shopping - details to follow in the food section - that in my experience, people think you're "in a rut" or need to "mix it up" if you eat the same thing regularly, or have a similar routine. I very much get both sides of this argument, as I've been a victim of the trappings of both extremes; I've scheduled every last minute of every last day, including measured meals and contents, measured water intake, study time, reading time and so on, and I've also been the guy who's winged everything, and fucked up a lot! Neither of these work too well for me. What does work for me, and this is certainly not a prescription, is having solid eating, training, sleeping patterns to default to when you're not feeling overly creative or inspired, or just when life gets on top of you and that's the way things are. My financial situation is shifting, hopefully temporarily, meaning that I no longer have the same budget for food each month. It's nothing to worry about as I spent double the amount most people do on my food monthly, and now I'm reducing that to something more average. It's not only an experiment in financial control, but on reducing food selection and spotting bargains! It's also a chance to prove that you can eat bloody well on a tight budget! The point of all this waffle is simple; when budgeting, eating the same for a few meals in a short space of time is often more cost effective than eating something different at each meal. Variety is a nice to have for some, and can be a useful tool, but it's not essential!

Today, I performed several pull-ups throughout the day in demonstration videos, and also a couple of structured sets, totalling somewhere between 40 and 50. I also hit the 6pm class at CrossFit Napalm.

Every 2 Minutes Back Squat at 60% (100kg - slightly under)

Sets 1&2: 12 reps