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Physical Freedom 95/365 - 20220408

Another bust day rounded out with another great workout! Again, I hit the 6pm class at CrossFit Napalm.


Build to heavy single for the day - 95kg (with no misses) but then 3 fails at 97.5kg

Every 20 Seconds x24:

1 Snatch at 80% of First Part

I went at 72.5kg (Should have been 76kg) and only hit 2 out of every 3 lifts (16 in total). I just don't have this volume at this percentage right now.

14 Minute AMRAP:

10 Box Jump Overs 24"

5 Power Cleans }

4 Front Squats } bar at

3 Push Jerks } 50kg

2 Thrusters }

1 Bar Muscle-Up

9 rounds + 3 Box Jump Overs

This was a lot of fun! With around 3 minutes left, I hadn't really redlined. I had a choice to make; coast in at the pace I was at, or put my foot down and leave it all out there. Neither was right or wrong, both could have been the best idea on different days, but today I chose the latter. I stepped my pace back up and felt great for it! It's nice to feel like I can move a light to medium barbell again with purpose!


As well as the class, I got some pull-ups in today too. I honestly can't remember how many, but somewhere between 50 and 70 strict. Some were outside, the rest on my folding power rack. Click the image to get yours and use code TH5 to save!


At 7am I had 4 rashers of bacon, and 5 scrambled eggs.

At 2pm I had 500g of mince and a load if cheese.

I've yet to eat my meal this evening. Maybe steak and eggs, maybe salmon, who knows?

I went live on instagram today to talk about strength and conditioning fr sports. 10 minutes that I hope adds value and gets people thinking.

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