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Physical Freedom 90/365 - 20220403

Today mainly consisted of painting, decorating, and other DIY. Whilst this is somewhat physical work, after a rest day yesterday, I was itching to train. I finally pulled myself away from working just after 5pm.

3 Rounds:

5 ATG Split Squats Per Leg 14kg Per Hand, Across Slant Board

10 VMO Squats 35kg

3 Rounds:

5 Seated Good Mornings 42kg Safety Squat Bar

15 Reverse Hyperextensions 50kg

4 Rounds for Time:

700m Uphill Run

25 Push-Ups

700m Downhill Jog


Wearing 20lb/9kg weight vest

This was lots of fun. The lower body stuff served two purposes; firstly I've lacked these movements a little for the last 2 weeks, and secondly it helped to pre-fatigue the legs a little for the hill reps.


3 things were key today, my Slant Board, my reverse hyper, and my weight vest. Click the links below to grab your own, and use TH5 on the Bulldog Gear bits to save too!


I started at around 9:30am with 3 rashers of bacon, 3 very large scrambled eggs, a handful of berries and some smoked salmon.

At around 2pm I had a small jacket sweet potato, slow cooked pulled beef and cheese.

At 7:30pm I had 2 large sirloin steaks and a 3 eggs omelette with cheese, followed by berries, Greek yoghurt and honey.


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