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Physical Freedom 9/365 - 20220111

Today was, again, split into two parts training-wise. The first session took place mid-afternoon, and consisted of:


5 Minutes alternating 25m Backward drag, 25m Forward push. I added 40kg to the sled today, which was tough! It's a while since I've done this weight for more than the odd quick push.

3 Rounds:

10 Jefferson Curls 12kg

10 Single Leg Reverse-Hypers per leg 50kg

Hill Reps

300m Steady downhill, turn and maintain pace back up, for 5 rounds

Then in the evening, I went on to lift.

1 Power Snatch + 1 Snatch

5 sets at 75kg

3 Position Clean + Jerk

Worked up to 105kg for a single.

Training was tough, but enjoyable today. I struggled to get going, but as always, I was glad I did, and actually performed better than I thought I would.

Food was odd today. I had a pork pie for a snack at around 11am, before having salmon, steak, mushrooms and courgette at around 1pm. I had a small flapjack after my hill reps, and for this evening's meal, I'm having around 350g of mince with onions, mushrooms and chopped tomatoes, with cheese on top. The pork pie and flapjack were both unplanned deviations today, and resulted from me not having packed enough food!


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