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Physical Freedom 87/365 - 20220331

It seems crazy that I'm almost 3 months into this now, I started on the 3rd January, and have only missed a day. This level of accountability is great for me from a selfish perspective, but it's also interesting when people ask me questions based on the content of these blogs. I never really thought too much about them being read, not that they are by that many people, and write them as if I'm writing for posterity on the whole. I'm not really trying to teach anything, barely even trying to share knowledge, just trying to demonstrate that very average people can achieve cool things, without being too crazy, and using approaches not commonly found in the media. So far, so good! Today I trained just after 5pm.

Mace Play

5 Minutes of swings to warm the upper body. After a day of labouring, this was just what I needed.

3 Rounds:

8 Dumbbell Incline Bench Press 25kg

8 Chest Supported Incline Dumbbell Rows 25kg


Spider Curls 8kg


Incline Skull Crushers 18kg EZ Bar

Reverse Grip Bicep Curls

2x10 18kg Easy Bar

Lu Raises

2x10 5kg Plates

Neutral Grip Chin-Ups

3x10 - Vary width each set

Push-Up Speed Variations

5 Minutes of explosive play


Something I use a LOT is something that, before I invested in, I didn't think was so important - my adjustable bench. This thing is versatile as hell and bombproof! Click the image to shop for your own, and use TH5 to save!


Another solid day of eating. I haven't weighed in for a week now, but last time I did, I was roughly 2kg up in 2 months, with little if any additional body fat. This feels pretty good. Again, I don't weigh or measure anything, I eat to satiety and try to stay in tune with the signals my body gives me.

Breakfast was at 7:45am and consisted of 3 rashers of bacon, 3 very large scrambled eggs, and a handful of berries.

Lunch was at 2:30pm and consisted of around 350g of mince, topped with cheese.

I had 2 cheese snack bars at 7pm

At &;40pm I had a large rump steak followed by mixed berries, Greek yoghurt and honey.

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