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Physical Freedom 84/365 - 20220328

Today was fun! Before I get into the details of it, a point about sleep. I write this blog to keep a running account of my methods for fitness and food that allow me to live physically on my own terms. That's all well and good, but as far as I'm concerned, sleep underpins both training and nutrition! The relationship between each is most certainly bidirectional, but I'm firmly of the understanding that sleep exerts far more control over everything else, than everything else does over it. I aim for 7.5-8 hours of actual sleep every night, with something like 30 minutes extra on top of that to read and unwind. If I have a rough night of sleep, or don't meet these targets, I'll try to note it in my blog moving forward.

Today I trained on the 6pm class at CrossFit Napalm. As I arrived a little early, I conducted a warm-up before the class started too.

5 Rounds:

5 Kang Squats

10 Peterson Steps Per Leg

2 Cossack Squats Per Side

2 Sissy Squat to Reverse Nordic

Back Squat

A set every 2 minutes:

4 @ 140kg

4@ 140kg

3 @ 145kg

3 @ 145kg

2 @ 150kg

2 @ 150kg

Front Squat

A set every 90 seconds:

3 @ 110kg

2 @ 110kg

4 @ 100kg

4 @ 100kg

The front squats were all supposed to be at 115kg. I knew that wasn't there, so tried 110, but it turns out that wasn't there either. Just one of those days, and my quads are still a little heavy.

10 Rounds for Time : "Bradshaw"

3 Handstand Push-Ups

6 Deadlifts 100kg

12 Pull-Ups

24 Double Unders


A great Hero workout to finish the class with. I started to really feel this after around halfway, when my time per round dropped off. I was still happy with my score though, especially with a couple of weak movements for me involved.


Although I didn't use them today, something I used with a client, and need to include back in my own training again, is my Captains of Crush Gripper set from Ironmind. These are great for anyone struggling with grip strength, or who requires improvement for their sport.


At 7am I had 5 scrambled eggs and half a medium avocado.

At 1pm I had lamb neck fillet, a large jacket sweet potato and cheese.

On the way home from training, I had a packet of biltong, then for my evening meal I had two sirloin steaks followed by mixed berries and grapes, Greek yoghurt and honey.


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