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Physical Freedom 82/365 - 20220326

Today's the first day for a while that I clocked what day I'm on writing this blog. 82! That's 82 out of 83 days (I missed the day I coached at the British Championships) and it got me thinking I should probably do some stats at 100 days. Rest days taken. Active recovery days. Leg strength days, upper and mixed days, runs. What else should I include? Maybe how many steaks I have eaten? Either way, today was steady. I was very busy at work, much of which was physical, so it was mainly laying some low intensity foundations around jobs that needed doing. All I did was pull-ups and dips, spread throughout the day.

Pull-Ups & Dips

60 of each

Just at bodyweight, all in sets of ten. This was the easiest pull-ups have felt, although dips felt a little funky today. I'm planning on more volume with the vest soon, so I'm glad the pull-ups are getting back to where I want them to be.


Back on the garden rig today. I'm really grateful for this piece of kit. Simple, affordable and no fancy trimmings. I'll be building more ring work, weight vest work and other weighted stuff using a dip belt in soon, but even just the bare rig is a great asset. As a reminder, this is not a sponsored link, but clicking the image will take you to the product I have nonetheless.


A mediocre day food wise. It started with a solid breakfast of 1 bacon rasher, 5 scrambled eggs, half an avocado and a handful of berries at 7am.

At around 1pm I had a chicken caesar wrap and 2 hard boiled eggs.

At 6:30pm I had 4 sausage, cheese and fried egg muffins. These were made at home and consisted of a fried egg, a couple of slices of cheddar and a couple of chipolatas on a breakfast muffin. This was a lot of food, but my body needed it. Maybe it was the intensity yesterday, maybe it was the beers I had, or maybe I'm just resetting again for a big week? All I know is it was genuine hunger over cravings, so i fed the hunger!


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