Physical Freedom 82/365 - 20220326

Today's the first day for a while that I clocked what day I'm on writing this blog. 82! That's 82 out of 83 days (I missed the day I coached at the British Championships) and it got me thinking I should probably do some stats at 100 days. Rest days taken. Active recovery days. Leg strength days, upper and mixed days, runs. What else should I include? Maybe how many steaks I have eaten? Either way, today was steady. I was very busy at work, much of which was physical, so it was mainly laying some low intensity foundations around jobs that needed doing. All I did was pull-ups and dips, spread throughout the day.

Pull-Ups & Dips

60 of each

Just at bodyweight, all in sets of ten. This was the easiest pull-ups have felt, although dips felt a little funky today. I'm planning on more volume with the vest soon, so I'm glad the pull-ups are getting back to where I want them to be.