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Physical Freedom 77/365 - 20220321

I don't want you to get too excited (I'm talking to myself here really), but I trained pretty normally today! I played the weights a little cautious, and held 5-10% intensity back on the workout, but that's a pretty big success after a few days of feeling extra shit! The biggest bonus is that it hasn't reduced me to a stream of snot and tears like working out on Friday did! I hit the 6pm class at CrossFit Napalm, mainly because my friends were doing that one. It was really good fun!


Remember, this blog is a behind the scenes look at my training and diet, to remove any illusion that there is a secret recipe. there is not. What exists is a set of guiding principles. I write a programme 6 days per week based on these principles, and give options to make it accessible to all. For only £10 per month, you can train using these very principles and reduce your risk of injury, increase your performance, and be more efficient with the time you devote to training. You can do it all, and with the right guidance, you can become a more rounded human with 5-6 hours work per week!


Back Squat

Every 2 Minutes x3:

3 @ 140kg

Every 2 Minutes x3:

2 @ 145kg

Front Squat

Every 2 Minutes x5:

3 @ 115kg

The back squat triples were bang on the lower percentage given for the work. For the doubles I took off literally 2.5kg from the bottom end, but this was a smart choice in hindsight. For the front squats I hit the recommended percentage on the nose, but where the last set should have been for max reps, I stuck with a triple.

10 Rounds for Time:

7 `Power Cleans

6 Shoulder to Overhead

5 Bar Facing Burpees

Bar at 40kg


This mainly got my grip, and a little bit my lungs. Had I given the extra few percent effort I held back, the lungs would most definitely have been the limiting factor. It was great fun cycling a light barbell with purpose again after not doing so for a little while. All in all this was probably the ideal class to come back to for a little intensity.


Although I didn't use it today - plans are afoot to start training on it in the near future - I recently took delivery of some pull-up stations courtesy of Gravity Fitness. They've been kind enough to supply these for the Mountain murph event this June. Click the image to view and buy, or click the Mountain Murph banner below to register as a volunteer or to participate at your own standard.


Another 7am round of 2 sausages, 2 rashers of bacon, 2 fried eggs and some smoked salmon kicked today off.

I got hungry at around 11am, so i had a kiwi.

At 1:30pm I had stir fried beef with cheese.

At 8pm I had a very large rump steak and 2 sausages, followed around 40 minutes later by yoghurt with blueberries, grapes and Manuka honey.


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