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Physical Freedom 76/365 - 20220320

Good news readers, training is back! Okay, it wasn't particularly exciting training, but a truckload more exciting than 2 rest days in the past 3 days! I walked at 12:30pm, and performed my calisthenics at various times throughout the day.


8 Miles (12.8km) in a 20lb (9kg) weight vest

2 Hours

I did this at Cannock Chase in the sunshine. Spending this long outside in the open, with the dog, was a real treat today. Although the original plan would have been some form of weight vest run, this at least allowed me to appreciate my surroundings more.


Accumulate 100 in sets of 10 throughout the day

L-Sit Muscle-Ups

Accumulate 15 in sets of 3 throughout the day


2 things were key today; my weight vest, and my gymnastics rings. Click the image to view and buy the product, use TH5 to save!


I started with a late breakfast of 2 bacon rashers, 2 fried eggs, 2 sausages and smoked salmon at around 11am.

At around 5:30pm I had 2 sausages, duck breast, 2 fried eggs and halloumi. This is also what I ate yesterday having published my blog, so my prediction was a little off. I followed today's up with blueberries, grapes and yoghurt with a heaped teaspoon of Manuka honey.


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