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Physical Freedom 7/365 - 20220109

After 6 days straight, today was a rest. Sure, the 40 minutes or so I walked over Cannock Chase for, combined with the 2 plus hours of household tasks I did, probably expended far more energy than the ring work and split squats that served as my training Thursday, but, for me, training implies purpose, not effort. Training has the unique intention of targeting improvement, progress and adaptation by inducing stress, utilising our anti-fragility to create growth. At the very least, it serves the purpose of slowing decline where physical peaks have already been passed.

Today, albeit the walk and tasks will no doubt have acted as a form of active recovery, had no aims regarding fitness or performance. I had contemplated a run, but decided against it. The reasoning was simple; I have done a lot this past week, and want to be even more productive this coming week. The rest seemed like a smart move.


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