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Physical Freedom 66/365 - 20220310

Today was fun, sweaty and hard! After a lot of time on the road, my laptop, and with my head up my arse, I needed a blast of a workout. CrossFit Napalm provided! I trained on the 6pm class.

18 Minute AMRAP:

3 Wall Walks

1 Devil's Press 2x15kg*

8 Box Step Overs 2x15kg, 24"

*Add 1 rep each round.

I got 8 full rounds, and 1 wall walk on the 9th.

Rest 6 Minutes

18 Minute AMRAP:

60 Cal Row

30 Pull-Ups

40 Wallballs 9kg, 10'

20 Toes to Bsr

20 Clean & Jerk 60kg

10 Muscle-Ups

I completed the 60 cal row in the second round.


Today I took delivery of my pipe and clamp pull-up and dip rig for the garden. Whilst this is not an affiliated link, it is what I'll be using to get extra reps in over the next few months, so I've included the link below for anyone who may be interested.


At 8am I had a breakfast of smoked salmon (a heck of a lot) 3 small fried eggs, 2 rashers of bacon and half an avocado. I also had a handful of mixed berries and grapes. I buy 2-3 types of berries and a punnet of grapes, then throw them all in a bowl and use this to take my portions from when I need.

At midday, I had pulled pork and cheese.

At 5pm I had a banana.

At 8pm I had a full back of steak mince (500g) with Red Leicester. I followed this up with mixed berries and grapes, yoghurt and honey.

I really needed today's workout to be what it was; gassy, brutal, and with nowhere to hide. Those who read these regularly, or who follow my social media will know that I'll take on the final CrossFit Games Open workout of this season tomorrow evening. You may therefore question my sanity hitting a load of weighted pull-ups and push-ups yesterday, then these brutal workouts today, knowing that it was always going to be pull-ups and thrusters. Well, it's as simple as this; I do the Open for fun. My ego is in no way attached to the outcome, and I have no further aspirations beyond the initial 3 weeks. To me, it's just like doing a hard workout in the box 2 days in a row, only tomorrow the atmosphere will be extra awesome and I'll hit the redline instead of hanging around just under it, like I normally would.


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