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Physical Freedom 64/365 - 20220308

Today was a very mediocre training day, but a great food day! One out of two isn't bad, right? Training today was at 4:45pm for just 40 minutes, and was changed drastically from the plan during the session due to the cut on my hand playing up.


5 minutes of mobility, PVC work and moving through positions

Slow Pull Snatch

The plan was 5 working doubles at 75-80% (75-80kg), however, my first lift at 75kg gave my cut - between thumb and forefinger - cause to open and weep, and was also extremely painful. I lifted one more single at 75kg and decided today wasn't going to be lifting day - especially with heavy pulls planned next. I instead completely switched my session and did...

4 Rounds:

10 Neck Extensions + 3 Lateral Extensions Per Side

8 Strict Neutral Grip Chin-Ups

3 Rounds:

10 Wrist Rotations Per Arm 5kg

5 Second Scale Weight Hold Per Hand 12kg


Some random bits today. Scale weights aren't really purchased, to my knowledge at least, from companies as much as from people who happen to still own them. That's how I got mine, then I refurbished them and use them for grip work. My Pull-Up rig is from Bulldog Gear, shown below, and can be purchased by clicking the image, where TH5 at checkout will save you money. The maces are from Gravity Fitness, also linked below, but this is not an affiliated link.


At around 8am I had smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, bacon and grapes.

At 2pm I had slow-cooked beef shin - wow this was so good - with cheese on the side. For those interested, I simply threw a pack of frozen beef shin in the slow cooker, and left it on low for 9 hours. Yes, that really is all I did! I followed this with a banana and an orange.

At 7pm I had a snack of 3 peperami.

At 8:30 pm I had a ribeye steak, smoked salmon, smoked trout and some stilton and followed this up with mixed berries and grapes with yoghurt and honey.

Having to adapt on the fly, like I did today, is something that I believe is a very important skill for anyone who trains. There were two approaches that could have had value today; adapt my existing session around my injury, which I decided against for a variety of reasons, or do something completely different, which will not interfere with tomorrow's plan. I went with the latter. This will always trump just giving up, or not bothering, which would have been my choice a few years back.


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