Physical Freedom 6/365 - 20220108

Today was partially what was planned in advance, and partially squeezing in the bits I missed out on yesterday. While this isn't quite the original intended structure of the session, it still made (at least some) sense as a whole. Either way, it was incredible fun, and the best a session has felt all week!


Nothing fancy. 5 Minutes of increasing intensity band work for the upper body. I was almost sweating by the end!

5 Rounds

6 Fat bar Chin-Ups +5kg

6 Ring Dips +5kg

Weighted gymnastics like these were always a strength for me. Complacency has brought me to a point where they no longer are. These were much tougher than they should have been, but got done nonetheless!

Push Jerk

5x3 Touch and go 90, 100, 100, 90, 90kg

It felt good to shift 100kg so comfortably again. The intent here was stability and timing, not a maximum. I may have been able to hit 5-10kg more if I had pushed it, which is a good feeling to have.