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Physical Freedom 57/365 - 20220301

With all the motivation in the world - today was the launch of the Physical Freedom Programme (sign up here) - and all the energy in the world - I slept 9 hours last night - I rested today. It wasn't the plan, but I felt like I needed it.

It's hard to articulate why I knew that today needed to be a rest, because the symptoms I could write down would sound a lot like the ones that on almost any other day I would attribute to laziness, and train through regardless. My last rest day was only Friday, so this is rare for me, but somehow, I just know.

I moved plenty today, including carting heavy kit around, and certainly don't feel I've spent too much time sedentary, which always helps me feel better about a day off. I ate below average, but not terribly, so tomorrow I'll be good to go again!


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I had a couple of grenade bars around 11am

At 3pm I had a salmon salad sandwhich.

At 8pm I had 4 oatcakes with roast beef, cheddar and salad. Depending on hunger, I may have fruit and yoghurt too.

Nothing is ever smooth sailing forever. Days like today are a necessary compromise in order to win in the long run. I'm already excited to train tomorrow and get my vibe back!


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