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Physical Freedom 55/365 - 20220227

Today was a big training day! Bogger than expected and strangely so, since I emptied the tank on 22.1 yesterday! That said, it felt good, so I went with it. I may pay a small price tomorrow. I ran earlier in the day, then went to the gym later on for a completely separate session.


3.5 miles over hilly trails


Not for Time:

100 Push-Ups

A break of around 2 hours then....

Tibialis Raises

25 Reps

Calf Raises

15 Reps Per Leg

Tibialis Raises

25 Reps

Patrick Steps

2x15 Reps Per Leg

Elephant Walk

50 Reps

Pause Back Squat

3x3 120, 130, 1130kg

Seated Good Morning

3x8 42kg

3 Rounds

8 VMO Squats 50kg Dumbbell At Chest

5 Jefferson Curls 17.5kg


I trained in a commercial gym today, but remember, if you want anything from Bulldog Gear, click the banner below to shop through my link, and use TH5 to save!


At around 8:30am I had a couple of sausages, a heap of bacon and a couple of scrambled eggs.

At 1pm, I had roast beef and a 3 eggs omelette with cheese.

At 7pm I had baby roast potatoes and mushrooms with cold roast beef, followed by banana, orange and yoghurt with honey.

I enjoyed today. It was nice to push weights a little, nice to run a bit harder up some hills, and nice to eat great food. Now for a good sleep to take on a crazy week at work!


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