Physical Freedom 54/365 - 20220226

Today went pretty much as planned. I hit the Open, worked my little butt off, and ate a lot! It was a good, albeit flawed day. I did the workout at around 11am.

15 Minute AMRAP: "CrossFit Games Open 22.1"

3 Wall Walks

12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches 22.5kg

15 Box Jump Overs 24"

I got exactly 8 rounds.

The Open is a perfect system. Granted, it's not always conducted, promoted or even administered perfectly, and it's not always an accurate representation of the corporate structure sat behind it, but it achieves, without fail to date, its prime mission; to test the fitness of participants across broad time and modal domains by embracing variance, with just enough repetition to track progress. Sure, the Open is ultimately the first round of the quest to find the fittest on earth each year, but taken as a contest in its own right, which for the overwhelming majority of us it is, it is its own test. This workout looked boring on paper. Perfect, because that's exactly where hard work is done - in the boring, mundane couplets and triplets that sit between 6 and 20 minutes in length. I hit the proverbial wall about 9 minutes in. Not through lack of fitness, which pleases me, but rather because I went out a little too hot. That's okay, I'd rather go hard and hold on, than have something left. These are the workouts and this is the method that develops fitness between the ears!