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Physical Freedom 53/365 - 20220225

Physical freedom might manifest itself, certainly on social media, as doing seemingly extreme workouts, challenges and tasks, or as eating to certain extremes, but none of those is wholly accurate. While physical freedom certainly utilises and allows for these things, at its core, it is the ability to recognise the feedback given by one's own body; the hunger cues, the need for water, sleep or rest, and to act on these cues with sufficient haste and intensity to elicit the desired response, both in the short term, and over an extended period of time. This for me is a work in progress. I'm still improving, particularly when it comes to rest. Today my body told me it needed rest, so that's what I gave it. As much as I feel physically strong and capable, I'm tired. Not in a normal way after a week of good training and work, but in a deeper way. This is my body's way of saying to rest, so I'm listening.


Another relatively steady day, but I did have a little treat as a snack today.

Breakfast at 7:30am was a stack of bacon, 4 scrambled eggs and some grapes.

Lunch at 2pm was pork mince topped with a small portion of cheese.

At 3pm I had a potato dog for a snack.

At 7pm I had a banana and an orange as a snack.

I'll eat around 9pm this evening. I'm pretty tired and hungry, so this will likely be jacket sweet potato, steak and veggies on the side followed by fruit, yoghurt and honey.

Tomorrow I'll take on CrossFit Games Open workout 22.1, which will be enough for the day. I'll probably use upper body sleds and banded work to warm up, but no real extra work as such. If I feel good after, I may do a little core, hip flexor and mobility work. If anyone else is doing it this weekend, let me know how you get on!


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