Physical Freedom 50/365 - 20220222

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if everyone ate well 80% of the time, and trained 4 days per week? I have, quite often in fact. I use this metric for two purposes; firstly it's what I try to move everyone over whom I exert any influence towards, and secondly, it's the lowest standard I hold myself to weekly. I thoroughly believe that this standard is achievable by anyone with a roof over their head, a job and a little discipline. In fact, I've seen it achieved by people with far less.

With the above axiom in mind, I set about today's work. I didn't want to, but I was able, grateful to be able, and thankful I had the facility to train in a manner that I chose. So I set about my workout just after 3pm, then added a bit around 4:30pm after a client call.

Pelican Ring Push-Ups


Band supported (black band) at bottom band resisted (2xred band) at top

Ring Row