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Physical Freedom 50/365 - 20220222

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if everyone ate well 80% of the time, and trained 4 days per week? I have, quite often in fact. I use this metric for two purposes; firstly it's what I try to move everyone over whom I exert any influence towards, and secondly, it's the lowest standard I hold myself to weekly. I thoroughly believe that this standard is achievable by anyone with a roof over their head, a job and a little discipline. In fact, I've seen it achieved by people with far less.

With the above axiom in mind, I set about today's work. I didn't want to, but I was able, grateful to be able, and thankful I had the facility to train in a manner that I chose. So I set about my workout just after 3pm, then added a bit around 4:30pm after a client call.

Pelican Ring Push-Ups


Band supported (black band) at bottom band resisted (2xred band) at top

Ring Row


From a deficit, finishing horizontal

Weighted Chin-Ups

3x10 - 1 set +7kg chain, 2 sets +14kg chain

2 Strict Muscle-Ups + 4 Kipping Muscle-Ups

3 Sets

1 Glide Kip Bar Muscle-Up + 3 Bar Muscle-Ups

4 Sets

High Catch Bar Muscle-Ups



These are two bits of kit that are 1. so versatile and 2. so easily transported and set up. I set up, used and packed away mine today in minutes! Click the picture to view and buy, use TH5 to save!


Another good food day! Both in terms of taste, and quality. I had breakfast at 7:30am, which was 4 bacon rashers, 4 scrambled eggs and half an avocado.

At 1pm, I had salmon, cod, boiled eggs all mashed together and topped with a little cheese.

At around 8:30pm, I had 2 Trek protein bars as a snack (not ideal!)

At 9pm I had a rump steak, 2 sausages and a pack of prawns followed by berries in yoghurt with honey.


Mountain Murph is still attracting attention. The list of participants and volunteers continues to grow, but more are always welcome and needed! Suggestions for charities to benefit from the event are still welcome, as are company sponsorship suggestions for people who might provide an event t-shirt, van or truck for transport, tent or mountain equipment for volunteers, or anything else of use.


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