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Physical Freedom 48/365 - 20220220

Today was fun, and something I quite literally made up as I went. Today was a classic example of adapting to the situation in which you find yourself, and making the most of it. I had two lessons to lead this morning, which I had planned on engaging with in the same manner as the one yesterday, however it became apparent very quickly that my body wasn't feeling that, so I adapted and completed the following.


12x400m 70-80% intensity in the space of 2 hours, plus around a mile or so of lower intensity running. All wearing boots and combats.

For Time:

Run 1 Mile

50 Strict Pull-Ups

Run 1 Mile

Wearing 20lb/9kg vest



I used my Bulldog Gear Tactical Weight Vest, which is my go to for anything requiring a fixed load.


I had breakfast around 7am. I had a heap of bacon, 4 scrambled eggs and half and avocado.

I had lunch just after midday in the army cookhouse. It was a chicken fillet burger and fries, with mixed garden vegetables, followed by two bananas and an apple.

At around 6:30pm, I had a rump steak, two salmon fillets, a pork steak topped with cheese, some cherry tomatoes and mixed mushrooms and courgettes fried in garlic. I followed this with banana, orange and yoghurt with honey.

It felt good to take on some training related to the upcoming Mountain Murph challenge, and do a couple of lighter days, but my body is craving lifting again now.

As a parting thought, the bone broth I drink and occasionally stir into food is now available through my affiliate link by clicking below, and is on Prime for rapid delivery!


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