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Physical Freedom 47/365 - 20220219

Today my training was largely dictated to me, but that's completely fine, especially since it was grunt work - my favourite! The further I get into my fitness journey, the more skills I learn, and the more I refine existing skills, the more I realise that grunt work - by which I mean simple, hard work - should form the majority of anyone's training.

5 Rounds:

Run 400m - all 1:28-1:32

Rest 2 Mins

Wearing boots and combat trousers.

In short, this was part of a lesson I was taking. While I don't join in sessions I'm taking, running the 400m loop was an easy way for me to keep an eye on those taking part. I didn't join in with the other movements so that I could oversee and coach.


Nothing used today, however when I repeat this twice tomorrow, I'll probably use my weight vest at least once! For any equipment needs though, click the banner below to shop through my link, and use TH5 at checkout to save!


I had 4 scrambled eggs, a heap of bacon, half an avocado and some cherry tomatoes at around 7:30am for breakfast.

At midday, I had bacon, halloumi and 3 scrambled eggs for lunch.

I ate my evening meal early! I had meatballs in a spicy sauce with noodles, and some greens, which I followed up with two bananas and an orange. This was at 5pm, so I may well have fruit and yoghurt soon too!


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