Physical Freedom 46/365 - 20220218

Today I embodied the philosophy I espouse, recommend and stand behind publicly, but most importantly, behind closed doors; there is always a way to do something. I mismanaged my time, albeit for the greater good as decisions were made, and was left without time to train. After work, I couldn't fairly take a full hour as I needed to shop, work at home, and give the dog some attention - a rather strong storm kept his time outside today lower than I would have liked. So at just after 7pm, I walked into the studio cold, and did approximately 10 minutes of work.

For Time: (although I didn't record my time, I just went as quickly as I could)

200 Kettlebell Swings at 40kg

The logic was simple; I was supposed to be pulling from the floor, hitting my hamstrings in the long-range, and targeting my lower back. Whilst not solely targeting any of these, and not bringing the focus a full session would have, in ten minutes (or there about) this did a bloody good job! The bang-for-buck with heavy swings is huge! Ideally I'd have liked to lift heavier, but 40kg is all I have - for now!