Physical Freedom 33/365 - 20220205

Today was pretty cool. The feeling of wanting to workout has definitely returned, and it happened to clash perfectly with the opportunity to workout! I took a look back at my last couple of weeks, contemplated my upcoming challenge, and decided on my workout. This took place at 4:45pm.

For Time: "1/2 Murph"

Run 800m

50 Strict Pull-Ups

100 Push-Ups

150 Squats

Run 800m


Although I can tell I'm lacking both strict pull-up volume, and push-up volume, overall this felt good. It's amazing the impact that those two movements have on the time this workout takes. Historically this is a 17-20-minute workout for me, so I have a little work to do before I take this on, in full, three times, atop 3 separate mountains! This will be a good benchmark for me to test progress, without blasting my nervous system in quite the way the full version does. As a target, I'll look to have this sub 20 minutes by the end of March, and sub 20 minutes in a vest by the end of May.