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Physical Freedom 33/365 - 20220205

Today was pretty cool. The feeling of wanting to workout has definitely returned, and it happened to clash perfectly with the opportunity to workout! I took a look back at my last couple of weeks, contemplated my upcoming challenge, and decided on my workout. This took place at 4:45pm.

For Time: "1/2 Murph"

Run 800m

50 Strict Pull-Ups

100 Push-Ups

150 Squats

Run 800m


Although I can tell I'm lacking both strict pull-up volume, and push-up volume, overall this felt good. It's amazing the impact that those two movements have on the time this workout takes. Historically this is a 17-20-minute workout for me, so I have a little work to do before I take this on, in full, three times, atop 3 separate mountains! This will be a good benchmark for me to test progress, without blasting my nervous system in quite the way the full version does. As a target, I'll look to have this sub 20 minutes by the end of March, and sub 20 minutes in a vest by the end of May.


I ate for the first time at around 11:30am today. I heated up rump steak and sauteed potatoes. I ate my evening meal early this evening, which caused hunger issues later on! I had a chicken kiev, baby potatoes and greens with some gravy, followed by a min eclair and an orange at around 5:15pm. I had some cheese and an orange for a snack at around 8pm.

Although I didn't use any equipment today, remember, if you order through the banner below, you'll help me out and save some money if you use TH5 at checkout.

Today's workout was in uniform because I'd just finished taking a military PT session. It was nice to work out in boots again, although they definitely hindered my pull-ups! Check out the highlights below!


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