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Physical Freedom 32/365 - 20220204

After much internal back and forth, I decided to Olympic lift today. Not because it was necessarily the smartest training move, but rather for two reasons; I was very short on time (roughly 35 minutes), and I really fancied lifting something heavy. I trained at around 3:15pm and hit the following:

2 Hang Snatch Pulls + 1 Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch Balance

I built to a heavy complex, being successful at 85, 90 and 95kg, but narrowly missed the hang snatch at 100kg. I found this complex very useful for priming the triple extension with the pulls, but also just for getting back under some heavy loads again. I felt sharp and strong while lifting.

Snatch Grip Behind the Neck Sots Press

4x3 at 40kg

My shoulder has been funky, so I was just reinforcing a good receive position here

Band Work

60 Fast reps at 3 angles


I lifted with my Bulldog Gear competition plates, as they just feel so much better than bumper plates for the Olympic lifts. They're on sale at the moment too!


I ate my first meal at 11am today which was 5 rashers of bacon, halloumi cheese and scrambled egg. Then at 2pm I had rump steak and mixed leaves, with an orange for a snack at 6:30pm. This evening's meal will be salmon, mushrooms, onion and sauteed potatoes.

It feels good to have some energy and drive back now the competition is a few days behind me. I'm under no illusion that it'll all suddenly get easy again, but for a few days there I really had zero motivation. Feeling it start to return is intoxicating and makes me excited for next week!

This physical freedom blog is designed to be a warts and all look at my training. A programme based on this approach will be live from the start of March. A template that runs 6 days per week, with adaptations and scales to make it highly accessible, while remaining simple. It will give you physical freedom at your own level, and is far cheaper than a round in the pub each month! Keep your eyes peeled for more information later in the month!


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