Physical Freedom 30/365 - 20220202

Today I was working with my Army Reserve unit, so my hours and training were a little bound by what I could manage. Nonetheless, I hit a 45-minute session that I'm more than happy with, and enjoyed more than I thought I would. Ordinarily, I tweak my Wednesday sessions if I need to train there, but today my plan fell through having planned on training at my own gym earlier in the day. By the time I trained it was around 3:30pm.


5 Minutes of hip openers, squat holds, t-lunges and kang squats.

4 Rounds:

10 Single Leg RDL per Leg 10kg

5 ATG Split Squats Per Leg - 50kg for 3 sets, 70kg for one. Watching the video back the 70kg wasn't the best form, and is a little too heavy for now!