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Physical Freedom 28/365 - 20220131

Post competition day is always funny for me. I tend to eat poorly - more out of relief and lack of motivation than as a reward - but bizarrely I always want to train hard, and have to fight the urge! Today was a case of grabbing food on the go, and moving to satiate the urge to do something. I ate at around 3pm, having a bacon egg and cheese bap in a coffee shop, after a bar of chocolate an hour or two earlier. Then I trained at around 7:20pm. It was as simple as this:

Row 5km

75-85% (intended) 90% (actual).


After an emotionally draining day, this was both what I needed, and the polar opposite of what I wanted. Either way, blood was flushed to the legs, some effort was put forth, and some endorphins were released. Tomorrow will see a return to something a little less mundane - for both performer and reader!

Equipment used:


In addition to the stellar lunch outlined above, I finished the day with dinner meat and chips. Yes. Seriously! The food, as with the training, will become a little more useful to both consumer and reader tomorrow!


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