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Physical Freedom 25/365 - 20220127

Today was a very odd day. A debilitating toothache and work requirements cancelled last minute left me rushing around, but achieving little. This, for me, is about as frustrating as days get, and usually plays out in my training. Not today though, I refused to let it! Unfortunately reading my training today, and for the last and next few days will be a little off-topic compared to my usual style as I taper into, and compete in the British Weightlifting Championships this Sunday, but I can assure you, next week, the variety, broad-spectrum and hard to spot periodisation will return in all its glory. For now, though, I trained at around 6pm, and it looked as simple as this:

Power Snatch

3x1 at 75kg, 3x1 at 80kg, 1x1 at 85kg - this actually just became a snatch. I'm secretly happy though as it felt really easy and is only 5kg under Sunday's opener!

Power Clean & Jerk

2x1 at 90kg, 2x1 at 100kg, 1x1 at 110kg, 1x1 at 115kg. Ugly power clean, but really happy as, again, this is only 5kg under my planned opener, and is a weight I wouldn't normally think about power cleaning!

Banded Good Mornings

1x50, switch from front to hip band at 25 reps - purely for blood flushing


Identical to yesterday. Remember, if you do want to purchase anything from Bulldog Gear, do it by clicking the link below to help me out, and use code TH5 at checkout to help you out!


I got caught out big time today. I ended up with a shop-bought beef and cheese sandwich and a snack bar at around 3:30pm. At 8pm I had beef mince with mushrooms, onions and cheese, and finished it off with grapes. As with training, next week will see a return to a better eating rhythm too!


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