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Physical Freedom 23/365 - 20220125

Today was a pretty light day training wise, as will the rest of this week be, with the British Weightlifting Championships this Sunday. This means load is down, intensity is still pretty high, and volume is down too. I jumped in with barbell club this evening to hit the following from 7-9pm:

1 Paused Snatch + 1 Snatch

I worked up to 90kg - my planned opening weight for Sunday, and felt pretty good throughout.

2 Power Cleans + 2 Jerks

4 working sets at 90kg. Light and fast was the focus.

Paused Clean Pulls

4x2 at 130kg

Equipment used:


I had a little bit extra to eat today - bacon and chees oatcakes at around 11am to be exact, because I really needed fuel today. This is probably an energy hangover from Sunday, but regardless, I needed food! Lunch was basa fillets and sauteed potatoes at around 2pm, and this evening will be steak and mixed veggies with a fried egg at around 9pm. This is slightly more than I'd normally eat in a day, but let's hope I feel energised as a result tomorrow!


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