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Physical Freedom 22/365 - 20220124

Today, I woke up feeling tight, my back a little out of place, and tired. The more I veer away from technology to tell me how hard I'm working, how much I've exercised and how long I need to recover, and the more I revert to listening to the internal feedback my body provides, the better I find myself feeling day to day. The message today? Flush blood to the areas that feel shitty. So I did that, and pretty much just that.

Sled Drag

30 minutes, switching between backwards and forwards every 25m. I covered just over 1km.

Equipment Used:

Bulldog Gear Challenger Sled


It's been a strong day for food. At 12:30pm I had my prepared turkey mince in tomatoes, with sauteed potatoes, and then this evening at around 8:45pm I had my favourite meal for a while; salmon fillets with fried eggs, and a side salad with tomatoes and cheese. with some garlic mushrooms on the side. I followed that up with a smaller than usual portion of yoghurt, berries, grapes and honey.

A little more information about the sled drag, for those who are interested - it involves almost entirely concentric - muscle shortening - contractions, and almost no eccentric - muscle lengthening - contractions. This greatly reduces soreness experienced later, but also pumps a high volume of blood to the working muscles and joints. The working muscles are dictated by the direction; walking backwards focuses moire on the muscle on the front of the leg, from the shin to the muscles that flex the hip, and dragging or pushing forwards targets the muscles on the back of the leg, from the calves to the butt. This can be a great warm-up, but is also a valuable recovery tool - which was its main purpose for me today. Additionally, it can be great conditioning work, and is a great low-impact substitute for traditional cardio options.

No training footage today, but I received a very welcome email today after months of battling for validation:


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