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Physical Freedom 21/365 - 20220123

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Today I had great fun doing some mixed training, and ate reasonably well. A great success, and very enjoyable to say the least. While there were no big numbers, or records, there was solid movement at percentages, and consistent positions too!

I started training at around 7:30am, and did bits throughout the day around work. I can't be much more precise, but I didn't do any training after midday. Meals were at around 12:30pm and 6:30pm.


Double swings and single hand cross-body swings in sets of 5-10 for around 5 minutes as a warm-up. The mace has become a staple where my shoulders are concerned and since implementing it, my shoulders have been niggle free, and are even showing signs of getting stronger! My shoulders are a big weakness for me, so this is very promising!

Behind The Neck Strict Press


40-50-50-60-60-60kg Failed the last rep at 60kg

This is decent for me, although not up there with my numbers from the front rack.

Push Jerk



Power Clean + Box Jump

In singles, worked up to 90kg for 4 singles and a 38" box jump in military uniform and boots for the last 2 jumps.

Handstand Hold

4x30 Seconds

Back Squat



2km Alternating Jog

100m forwards, jog 50m backwards (estimates)

Highlights for me were how easily the power cleans moved, and the height of the jump, in spite of boots. I've only ever jumped 42", so to be only 4" short with the best part of 2kg on my feet is very satisfying! The squats felt nice too, which were effectively beltless at 80%.


For lunch, I ate in the canteen at work. I took burger and fries, with boiled greens on the side. While not ideal, the portion size was moderate. I had a flapjack for the drive home, then went with mince, tomatoes, mushroom and onion with cheese on top for my evening meal. I followed this up with berries, grapes, yoghurt and honey. I'm currently sitting 400g (0.4kg) under my required weight for the British Championships next weekend, so I'm on track for where I'd like to be. The strategy this week will be to get down to 600-700g underweight on Sunday morning, so I can eat throughout the day leading up to weigh-in.

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