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Physical Freedom 20/365 - 20220122

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Training and food today were both secondary priorities because of the amount of work I had on. Regardless, both still got done, although not to a great standard. Training was a 20-minute lifting session at 5pm, which looked like this:


3x2 at 70kg

3x1 at 80kg

3x1 at 85kg

Yep, that was it!


I got lazy today. No excuses, it just happened. However, it was better than it could have been. At just after midday I had a wrap, crisps and diet Coke from the petrol station. At around 5pm I had a flapjack and another bag of crisps, then finished on a much better note at 7:30pm with an omelette with gammon, mushroom, onion and cheese.

I had planned to eat out for lunch today, but mismanaged my time and was left in too much of. a rush. As for the flapjack and crisps on the way home, I was hungry to the point of distraction while driving, and this was just what I ended up going with.

Put in the context of calories, today really hasn't been bad, but in the context of quality protein and micronutrients, it was far from ideal. That said, it's been a good few weeks on the whole, so I'm less disappointed than I probably would otherwise be.


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