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Physical Freedom 18/365 - 20220120

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

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Today was a messed up day. Working routine, people making appointments and not showing up, and a host of other unforeseens, both personal and professional. Regardless, I adapted the best I could on the fly. I limited my training, and shuffled my eating. Both were sub-optimal, but both were also a damned sight better than they could have been!

I trained at 5:30pm for around 50 minutes.

1 Clean + 2 Front Squats + 1 Jerk

Build to a heavy complex.

I wanted 120kg. I hit a technique block in the jerk at 110kg, after building up very smoothly. I missed the jerk twice. This is 77% of my jerk, and should not be missed, even after a big complex. That's not really relevant - I missed - twice. What I did manage to do, was find my jerk again on the third attempt, and actually, it felt good, and light, just like it should. I went on to hit 115kg with relative ease, although the squats felt heavy, but then missed 120kg on the second squat, twice. I decided at this point to call it a day on the complex, and squat.

Front Squat

1x5 110kg

2x3 120kg - Failed 3rd rep both times

Okay, 120x3 is reasonable heavy for me - my 3RM is 130kg - however, I shouldn't have missed this. Again though, I did. I've chalked these up as doubles, and also learned where my pin-pipe safeties need to be placed!

Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

2x10 per Leg, 20kg

Forward-Banded Straddle

2x45 Secs


I ate for the first time at 4:55pm. Less than. ideal, but needs must. I had leftovers from the previous few days. Every now and then I cook too much. When I do, it goes in a plastic pot and gets reheated when I need a meal. It contained mince in tomatoes with chilli, sausages, sauteed potatoes, mushrooms and some cheese.

My second meal was even less ideal, at 10:30pm. It was a simple 3 egg omelette with cheese.

Today, despite its many disruptions and failed lifts, is a day I'll look back on as a success. I found a way around all problems, and coped with failure well. Some days that means more than getting everything right.


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