Physical Freedom 17/365 - 20220119

Today was about as simple as it gets; I ran. Not far, not fast, but I ran. Ordinarily, I would have run yesterday, but I was feeling other stuff, so I flipped the days. Today's plan was simple, and there were only two rules; nasal breathing for 90+% of the time, and start steady, speed up each km. I'm pleased to say I achieved both.

Why nasal breathing? Well, this is a deep subject I can talk about for a long time. For a bit more of a dive into the subject, including the gears I use and where I got them from, you can check out my podcast with Max Hernandez

If you want something a little quicker, try my previous blog

The main reason for the controlled breathing today was to control intensity. I've hit the last few days pretty hard, and today was along the lines of movement is medicine. It was a nice way to shake the legs out, and give the dog a run out too!

My splits for each km were 5:12, 5:07, 4:37, 4:34, 4:29. That last km was probably somewhere around my current 10-12km pace, or slightly slower than it. That's an educated guess though, as I haven't pushed over 10km in a very long time.

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