Physical Freedom 15/365 - 20220117

Today threatened to go badly, at least from a training standpoint, and turned out quite the opposite! After a short-notice decision to go heavy yesterday, it was never going to be a huge session, but nonetheless, it was a very enjoyable one!

I trained from about 2pm onwards today, for a little over an hour. The session went as follows:

Mace swings

Some basic swing sequences to warm up with. I built up in weight to the 12kg mace, which is the first time I have swung it in this fashion. Although it was a fight, my shoulders thanked me for it!

Strict Press

6x3 on a giant cambered bar, with 34kg of chains at the top. This means a total weight at the top of 62kg

Trap 3 Raises

2x10 with 7kg chains

Dumbbell external rotations

2x10 per arm, 10kg

L-Sit Hang

1x40 Seconds