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Physical Freedom 145/365 - 20220604

The good new I have been waiting to share; my back is improving! I don't want to get too excited and I certainly don't want to get ahead of myself, but there is at least hope that Mountain Murph may be able to go ahead. Or more accurately, that I'll be able to complete it, since other people will do it regardless, and I'll support however I can. I haven't trained today, however after a disastrous attempt to perform pull-ups and push-ups mid morning, my abilities have improved throughout the day.

I've complete several sets of 5 pull-ups, a 50 minute cross country walk, and I've mowed the lawn. This is a big breakthrough for which I am very grateful. I've consistently moved as much as possible, and started using tiger balm in an attempt to release the muscles in spasm. So far so good, and fingers crossed for similar progress tomorrow!


Slant Board are specialists in all of the equipment you might need to add ATG or Knees Over Toes movements into your training. They are UK based and shipping is nice and fast. Their range is constantly expanding, and the products they sell are no nonsense and well priced. Click the image below to buy through my link.


At 10am I had 3 rashers of bacon, 3 fried eggs and some berries.

At 2pm I had mince and cheese.

At 5pm I had 6 chicken wings.

At 7pm I had a sirloin steak and 3 scrambled eggs.

Shortly, around 8:30pm, I'll have berries, yoghurt and honey.


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