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Physical Freedom 144/365 - 20220603

Another day, another rest day. Today was much better, however I still look like I'm trying to popularise a new stance; my hips stick out to the left and my bellybutton is a good couple of inches off centre. I have tried a couple of pull-ups - as much to try and ease my back off as anything, but at this stage I have no idea if I'll be able to tackle Mountain Murph next week or not. So what changed today? I walked more, and at a more normal speed, I didn't have to use furniture to stand up, and I wasn't in as much pain. Also, I ate well, although still with an improvised lunch because I couldn't bring myself to go food shopping yesterday.


I spent most of my day hanging from my pull-up bar. The overwhelming majority of my studio is kitted out with Bulldog Gear. You can buy any of there kit by clicking the banner below, and use TH5 to save money too.


I started just after 7am with 2 bacon rashers, 3 scrambled eggs and a small amount of berries.

At 1pm I had the inside of 2 butcher's pork pies, and a Scotch egg stripped of breadcrumbs. Why? Well, as I said in the first paragraph, I couldn't bring myself to shop for something suitable to make for lunch this morning, but I did head to the butcher's today to stock up. The best i could think of was that. Stripping pastry may seem daft, it may even be daft, but after a carb-heavy Italian yesterday, I felt like this would help me get back to some sense of normalcy.

At 7pm I had a fillet steak, 2 fried eggs and a jacket sweet potato with butter and cheese, followed by berries, yoghurt and honey.

It'd be easy to get pissed off at this point - I stand to lose some £1500 if I can't complete Mountain Murph - but the truth is pretty simple; regardless of how many crazy things I try to accomplish, my long term health and ability to earn a living have to be balanced against those desires. It's a fine line to tread, and it moves frequently, but right now I need to recover. I'll assess my chances on Monday, but for the weekend I'll focus on finishing up some work projects, relax, and move as much as I feel safe to. In other words, I'll work on controlling what I can, and on letting go of what I can't. It's a bloody tough philosophy to live by sometimes, but the logic, to me, is unquestionable.


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