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Physical Freedom 143/365 - 20220602

Today was an unplanned rest day. The tweak last night turned out to be a little more than I realised, and has hampered me quite badly all day. I contemplated doing some upper body stuff, but even that seemed to be a reach today. Other than a painfully slow dog walk, I've done next to nothing all day. It has even affected my eating. I ate as normal for breakfast and lunch, but come evening, the prospect of cooking seemed too much, so I ordered Italian instead. This was garlic bread, risotto (which was extremely nice!) and calamari to start. Very tasty, but I'm very confident I will feel the stodge induced hangover tomorrow!

As with most muscular spasms, it tends to be worse after periods of inactivity. The other inconvenient aspect is that as it forces my posture to skew quite drastically, muscles that wouldn't ordinarily take load in certain positions, now do, and as a result they become tight and sore too. It's altogether unpleasant.

The plan is pretty straightforward; move as much as I can pain free, and focus on regaining range of motion and control over (hopefully) the next couple of days, before checking I can move safely with load again before travelling to Glencoe to begin Mountain Murph on Tuesday. At this stage I'm hopeful I can proceed as planned, but only time will tell.

In the meantime, I'll report back the best I can how each day progresses, both for other people's insight, but also for reflective purposes for myself. Being immobile is pretty scary when you live alone and are used to being fiercely independent, but ultimately it's just another challenge to work through.


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