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Physical Freedom 141/365 - 20220531

Today I got to round out the month in style, doing what I love best; training hard. After what seemed like an eternity of paperwork, or more accurately computer work, I headed to CrossFit Napalm for the 6pm class.

3 Position Clean (1 Hip, 1 Knee, 1 Floor)

Find Max - 115kg

8 Min EMOM:

1 Clean at 3 Position Clean Max Weight - 115kg

This was supposed to be 1 clean every 30 seconds, but i just don't have that capacity. Regardless, I was really chuffed to be hitting 87.8% with no misses, and all good lifts, for this number of reps.

12 Minute AMRAP:

15 Pull-Ups

12 Hang Power Snatch 35kg

9 Overhead Squat 35kg

6 Burpees Over Bar

I got 5 Rounds and 3 out of 6 burpees on the 6th. I wanted 6 rounds. I could possibly have had 6 rounds. But today my grip had other ideas. My forearms are still on fire now some 2.5 hours after finishing.


I headed straight for my favourite bar when I saw we were lifting heavy. It served me well since 115kg is a strong result in today's complex for me. Click the image below to grab yours, and use TH5 to save money.


Pretty straightforward today. I started at 7:30am with smoked salmon, 2 rashers of bacon, 2 scrambled eggs and half a small avocado.

At 1pm I had mince with cheese followed by a small orange.

At 8pm I had a small tub of crayfish tails.

At 8:30pm I had 2 small steaks, some salmon, a lump of cheddar and some halloumi. I followed this with a larger than usual portion of berries, yoghurt and honey.

Days like today are hard to judge. I have to gauge them on the fly. I felt kind of tired, physically at least, this morning, and this didn't really ease through the day. I hit some mobility work - which I've been neglecting - for twenty minutes or so before the class, but I still felt sluggish. About 3 or 4 sets into building weight for the complex, I started to feel good, so i went with it. When I spoke the other day about listening to your body only being useful advice if you know what you're listening for, this is the sort of thing I was referring to. My body told me "we're warm, firing, and ready to go now" so i took the hint, and pushed the weight a little. Come the workout, i still felt good, so I went hard. I could have gone at 80% or so today, still yielded plenty of return for my efforts, and still felt satisfied. My body felt good though, so I went close to all-in. Next time I feel similar in the morning, it might persist the whole way through training. That's fine too, and in that case moderating intensity would be a great way to still get value from the session.


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