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Physical Freedom 140/365 - 20220530

Today was fun. Things didn't quite go my way, with an unplanned 4:30am start to my day, and a ravenous hunger for almost all of it, but I had a productive day in spite of that, and made sure training ticked all the boxes too. Today became about putting into practice my philosophy of controlling what you can, and accepting what you can't. I trained at 2pm in my own gym.

Reverse Sled Drag

5 Minutes

3 Rounds

12 Tib Raises 15kg

12 Slantboard Calf Raises 32kg

Axle Sumo Deadlift

4x2 160kg, 170kgx3

VMO Safety Squat Bar Squat

4x5 72kg

4 Rounds

2 Power Cleans 90kg

Jump Sequence

GHD Nordic Curls



Something I don't mention often, because I've been slack at using it lately, is the GHD - Glute Ham Developer. I have the basic on from Bulldog Gear, which you can snag the latest version of by clicking the image below, and use TH5 to save money too!


I had 2 rashers of bacon, some smoked salmon, some berries and 2 scrambled eggs at 6:30am,

At 11am I had a small orange.

At 2pm I had 1lb of mince with cheese, followed by a small orange.

At 4:45pm I had a small beef sandwich, 2 rice cakes and a portion of dried fruit.

At 8pm I had a steak, a 3 egg omelette with milk and cheese, some halloumi and 2 sausages.

It was a battle not to really overeat today. A decent strength session yesterday and another one today are taking their toll. My body is tired and looking forward to some lighter conditioning tomorrow. I left out dessert because the snacks late afternoon were unplanned. I needed to eat something quickly before I had a client, and I was struggling to focus. The snack did the trick, but wasn't ideal. A bath and an early night will hopefully see me raring to go again in the morning.


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