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Physical Freedom 14/365 - 20220116

Yesterday I rested, today I did not! I needed company today to motivate me to lift heavy. I don't always, but today I went to my friend's gym to lift, and I'm glad I did.

I grabbed a bacon, sausage and cheese bagel on the way, then set off to hit a heavy clean and jerk, and a heavy hang snatch. It was by no means a perfect day. There were some technique and timing errors, some poor positions, and a lack of strength highlighted in certain areas, but it was a net positive result, so I'm happy!

Clean & Jerk

I built to a heavy single. I hit 80, 100, 110, 120 and 125kg without missing, although the 125kg lift would have been a no lift in competition. I then hit 127.5kg, for my 4th heaviest ever lift, and only 2.5kg under my best. It was a clean lift, and I was happy. I felt good, so put 131kg on the bar. I missed the first two cleans through positional errors receiving the bar. I knew I could correct this, so I went again and made the clean, but my legs were too tired to make the jerk. That would have been a PB. I then missed a further attempt at the clean, and stopped there because I was feeling slow by this point.

Hang snatch

I built to a heavy single here too. I hit up to 90kg without issue and felt very good! I then jumped to 100kg and missed twice. The jump was the issue, not the weight, so I came back down to 95kg, hit it comfortably, and went on to hit 100kg with ease. I missed 105kg twice, but again, this was fatigue, rather than strength. I called it a day for lifting, and went on to accessory work.

Front Squat

3x2 120kg

4 Rounds:

6 Strict Pull-Ups

6 Strict Ring Dips

Toes to Bar


Jefferson Curl

3x10 12kg

After training, I ate a chicken salad wrap and a protein bar, before heading home and training again.


3 MIles at 70-80%

22:34, 7:31/mile

Felt good and breathed nasally for over 90% of the time. A great leg shakeout after driving 3 hours today.

My evening meal then consisted of smoked salmon, 2 eggs, a pork loin steak and some halloumi.

All in all, I feel great after today, and ready to take on the week!


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