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Physical Freedom 139/365 - 20220529

Back to moving with more purpose today, and I feel great for it! I'm writing this blog very early in the day, before 3pm, but training is done and my evening meal is planned, so this allows me to knuckle down and get some studying done this evening. I trained in my local commercial gym at 1pm.

Bench Press

5 at 80kg

5 at 90kg

5 at 100kg

2x3 at 100kg

2x10 at 60kg

3 Rounds

8 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 30kg

8 Single Arm Dumbbell Rows Per Arm 40kg

3 Rounds

10 Long Range Bicep Curls 2x10kg

10 Cross Bench Pullovers 20kg

3 Rounds

Max Reps Bradford Press 20kg

6 Strict Chin-Ups

Trap 3 Raises

3x10 5kg


I'll get a few more sets of pull-ups and push-ups done later to break up studying. I'll be using my garden rig. The one below is the one I have, and clicking will take you to it, but it's not a sponsored link.


At 9:30am I had 3 rashers of bacon, some smoked salmon, some berries and a fried egg.

At 2:30pm I had a rump steak, 2 fried eggs and some halloumi.

This evening I will be having a rump steak, a jacket sweet potato with cheese, some halloumi, and 2-3 scrambled eggs. I'll follow this. with berries, yoghurt and honey.

Although I only had a few drinks on Friday evening, and still slept well, didn't eat too badly, and generally did nothing else out of the ordinary, the effects are clearly visible. While I was fully able to function yesterday, and trained a little, and while I trained with intent today, I can still feel the setback. An element of this will no doubt be psychological, but nonetheless, very real. There is a trade off; I had a great evening and social life is important to all around health, but it had an impact on my training and short term physical health. No regrets, but this is why I keep these occasions rare, and work through the following days with a strategy when they do happen. The focus now is a big first 4-5 days this week, at least in a training sense, before easing off as we move into Mountain Murph the following week. Things are close, and things are getting exciting!


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