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Physical Freedom 138/365 - 20220528

Today was less of a training day, more of a structured movement day. I accumulated somewhere in the region of 80 each of pull-ups and dips in sets of ten. That felt like enough for today. I also walked a fair amount, but nothing more strenuous than that. It was probably about as close to a rest day as a training day could get.


At midday I had 4 crumpets with cheese and bacon.

At 5pm I had a chocolate bar.

At 7:30pm I had a tuna steak, 3 sausages and some halloumi. I followed this with crisps and dip.

I definitely watched more fitness today than I did. It's weekend 2 of the CrossFit Games semifinals, and there have been some awesome displays of fitness. I'm going to finish off watching tomorrow, before I head to the gym for a more serious session.


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