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Physical Freedom 137/365 - 20220527

This will be a very short and simple blog. I took a rest day today. It wasn't the original plan, but work ran away with me, and I'm going out with friends tonight. so a rest day it was. I ate well, as I'll outline below.


At 7am I had 3 rashers of bacon, 3 fried eggs and some berries.

At 11:30am I had an orange.

At 1:30pm I had 1lb of mince and some cheese.

At 7pm I had a rum steak, a rasher of bacon and a jacket sweet potato with butter and cheese. I followed this with a few berries, some greek yoghurt and some honey. My standard honey portion is around a tablespoon, but a little more as it's rounded at the top.

This is probably my lowest volume training week this year, but I feel pretty good for it. I'll likely strength train this weekend, but little else. It's been nice to take the foot off the gas just a little after a few bigger weeks. I find it easier now than I once did to keep on top of my food when I reduce my training. Previously it was as if because I wasn't training as hard, I could afford to slack on my diet too. I'm now much more comfortable sticking largely to the plan.


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